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The Department of the Navy Personnel Security Program Instruction requires that all personnel with access to classified information receive an annual refresher briefing designed to enhance security awareness. It’s assumed that personnel who hold security clearances have current or foreseeable access to classified information. Consequently, all cleared employees must complete this briefing. As the briefing contains information useful to all, it’s recommended, but not required, that uncleared personnel complete the briefing as well. Although also not required, off-site contractors are welcome to complete the brief. SSC Pacific’s specific security rules may be beneficial to some of our supporting contractors.

Completion of this refresher briefing will be posted to your corporate database record upon receipt of your automated certification email. Should your browser be unable to generate the certification email, please email certification request to Contractors choosing to complete the brief should include their company name rather than the SPAWAR/PEO or SSC Pacific code they support. Personnel, administrative officers, or managers desiring to verify individual or group attendance may do so by contacting SPAWAR Systems Center Security, Code 83320, at (619)-524-2285 or (619)-524-3385.

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